Wanna Sneak Preview of My Upcoming Book?

Fast Fiction, my first collection of short stories, is getting closer to entering the world. As part of the preparation process, I’m recruiting a team of beta readers. The purpose is to get a free, pre-release pdf copy of my book into the hands of people willing to give me a quick read and an Amazon review (when I need it). This will probably be in the next few weeks. If you’re interested in participating in this process, I’d be very appreciative. If so, please email me at scotty@scottycornfield.com and let me know that you’re willing to help out and I’ll send you the details. Apologies if you’ve already received this request via another method and have replied.

Either way, thanks for listening. I’m excited about getting close to being able to share these stories with the world. OK, that may be a stretch but you get the idea.

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