Who I Am


Scotty Cornfield: Writer/Director

Welcome to my world…I’m a writer. I also direct — sometimes simultaneously. (Note: I’m not even sure that’s possible).

My brand: I tap into thirty years of homicide and undercover experiences to tell stories about people with secrets. If that sounds grim, well…it can be, but working in the world I inhabited can take a psychological toll if you don’t find a way to find the funny in the fatal business we call Homicide.

Even when I’m not writing about my former life of crime-fighting, I’m often mining for comedy. I’ve written, produced and directed an abundance (I was gonna say “plethora” but I can’t even spell it) of short films including some award-winners. I co-wrote/produced the documentary “Children of Alcatraz” (insert shameless plug here about film being available on Amazon). I’ve written features, pilots, one-act plays, commercials, PSAs and in-house news magazine shows.

I’m a graduate of the UCLA Professional Screenwriting program as well as the Master Screenwriter Certificate program and Pro Series of Screenwriting U.

Some of my works

Highlight Projects

My first feature film — in association with Phase 4 Films, LLC) — is an anthology called San Francisco Stories. I teamed up with four other San Francisco-based filmmakers to create five short films with characters who cross-over between stories. After four years in the making, we crossed the finish line and are finally out in the world with a small festival presence (online and real world). We’re working with various platforms and hoping to have the 90-minute feature available for purchase and rental either late this summer or early fall. 

I also have two other feature film spec scripts and a one-hour pilot in ongoing rewrite stages. Care to see samples of produced material? Here are links to shorts and the documentary.

Need a police consultant for your script or project?

See me wear another hat at www.reelcop.com

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Children of Alcatraz
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