This Week’s Story–And A Lot More 


(November 3, 2022)

I have a lot to tell you about this week, so let’s dive right in.

The Monterey County Weekly

This week’s edition is called the Fall Books Issue and they were kind enough to give FAST FICTION an entire page.  Read it here.    They even included announcing two upcoming appearances:

11/18 6 p.m. at Downtown Books & Sound in Salinas

11/29 5 p.m. at Olivia & Daisy Book Boutique in Carmel Valley.

Contest Judging Help

That same Monterey County Weekly mentioned above, is now accepting entries for their annual 101-word contest. Yes, it’s the same contest that got me hooked on writing these little adventures a few years ago. I can submit up to three stories. Although I didn’t win, last year I was named first runner up. I agonized a lot over which stories to submit and I had a number of people look at a ballot I’d put together. I’m going to do that again this year, asking readers to give me their top three choices (probably from a list of ten of my favorites). If you’d like to help me decide which stories to submit, please let me know this week. Thanks in advance for the help. It’s always a tough call, but now it’s really getting tough. Why’s that you ask? Read on.

Celebrating 500

If I continue to write a story a day, on December 23rd, I will write my 500th story. That seems like something worth celebrating, so I’m asking for ideas. How should I celebrate #500? I’m not talking about throwing a massive party or anything. By Dec 23rd, we’ll be creeping up on Christmas and New Year’s, so no need for a party. Still, I need to do something, right?

If you have any brilliant ideas, please send them my way. Thanks!

Story of the Week


The Longest Three Minutes

When the bell rang, half of the speed-dating participants rose and scampered to their assigned tables where the next conversations were jump-started by the timer that echoed through the high school gym.

Kevin, still nervous from Round One, sat. “Hey, I’m Kevin.” He touched his name tag.

“I see that, Kevin,” Lola retorted, touching her name tag. Was she mocking him?

“This ain’t my first rodeo so I’ll go easy on you. What do you do, Kevin?”

When will she regret her “ain’t my first rodeo” line?

Right after I answer her question, thought the real-life rodeo clown.

Prompt: My First Rodeo

Feel free to rate the story and send me your score

4 = “Loved it”

3 = “Liked it”

2 = “Meh”

1 = “I’d like 40 seconds of my life back”

Thanks for listening!

Scotty out

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