Story of the Week, Plus a Major Announcement About the Book!


I signed off on the final proof for the eBook version of FAST FICTION: 101 Stories of 101 Words Each (vol. 1). We had a few technical glitches to work out with the publisher but now that we’re over that hurdle, things are going to move very quickly–at least for the eBook. As I understand it, it should be live on Amazon and available for purchase sometime in the next few days. Really!

As far as the paperback goes, I should be receiving my shipment of books in about a week. These will be given away to bookstores, bloggers, influencers, etc., and I’ll be selling copies at live events (like the Central Coast Writers annual Booktoberfest event in a few weeks). I’ll get to read a few stories to the crowd (along with other writers reading from their latest books). Sounds like loads of fun to me. When it comes to books in actual bookstores available for sale, the process is a bit different. It takes two months for the Print on Demand feature to catch up. What this means is that on November 18, some book retailers (like Barnes and Noble) will have access to the book. Will any physical copies be in stores? I have no idea, but the book should be available on retailer websites and somehow some are supposed to show up in some places. I think I can run around to local stores and try to hawk copies as well, but I’ll be honest–I got a lot to learn about this whole process.

I’m hoping to do some live presentations for groups like Rotary, Elks, Lions, etc. as well as at bookstores. If you know of any organizations looking for speakers, please let me know about them and I’ll follow up. I already have one bookstore owner excited to host a premiere event. I’ll announce the details as soon as we work them out. I’m guessing it won’t be before November (when the books are available to them) but it might be sooner since I bought a 100 copies.

OK, enough about me. Let’s get to this week’s story.

As always, thanks for listening.


              Close Encounter with a Celebrity

When Stanley exited baggage claim, the quiet furniture salesman was unprepared for the prank his friends had waiting.

Armed with cameras and microphones, they descended upon Stanley. Cameras flashed. “Reporters” hit him with questions about his upcoming movies. A crowd circled him, assuming he was a celebrity.

Once the shock wore off, Stanley played along with fake smiles and “no comments.”

As he waited while his friends went to retrieve their cars, a man with a hat and sunglasses approached. 

“Don’t know who you are, but thanks for the diversion.”

Then Brad Pitt removed his glasses, winked and walked away unnoticed.


Prompt: Star


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