Story of the Week–Plus a Book Update!

First the update….Fast Fiction Vol. 1 is now in the hands of the publisher! We have a tentative delivery date of Sept. 21st. We’ll put out more specific information as soon as we hear it regarding actual an actual online release date. Until then, stay tuned for more.

And now on to this week’s 101-word adventure.


                 Is the Offer Still Good?

On the streets, everyone knew him as “Oso,” and he did, in a weird way, resemble a bear. The brutal gang leader ran a small crew that dominated six blocks of town. He was the shot-caller.

Then he got busted. In the interrogation room, Oso turned down the detective’s offer of a deal. He was no snitch.  Besides, his boys would have his back.

He awoke in the prison infirmary after his “welcome to the joint” beatdown. As he drifted in and out of consciousness and contemplated the next fifteen years, he wondered: Did he still have that detective’s number? 



Prompt: Big fish in a small pond

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