Story of the Week: BFF’s Tell Each Other Everything

                                 BFFs Tell Each Other Everything

At a Starbucks, Chana and Amy drank quietly.

Gabbi slid in to join the pair.

“Hey.” Chana greeted the late arrival.

“Hey,” Gabbi tossed back.

“Oh no. That bad?”

Gabbi shut her eyes and nodded.

“What? What am I missing?” Amy asked the table.

Chana looked at Gabbi. “We probably need to—“

“Yeah. 4:30?”

“Sure,” Chana nodded.

“But let’s not go to—“

“Good call. Let’s go to—“

“Sounds good.”

“What the hell?” Amy shook her head.

Chana and Gabbi faced Amy.

“Sorry,” they said together.

The friends for life would discuss it in similar fashion later—as only they could.



Prompt: The Language of Friendship

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