Story of the Week–and breaking news on Fast Fiction Vol. 1

Regarding Fast Fiction….This just in. I spoke with the publisher this morning and was told that I’ll be receiving my proofs by the end of the day today. If all looks good, I’ll be able to send out an eBook version of Fast Fiction to all of my beta readers very soon. If you haven’t signed up to receive an advanced electronic version of the book (in exchange for an Amazon review), it’s not too late to do so. Just email me and let me know that you’d like to join the team and I’ll get you on the list.

And now on to this week’s story.

              Of All The Things to Remember


I pulled up behind the motorcycle cop.

“You call for a Spanish-speaking unit?” I asked.

He gestured to the kid standing sitting on a bicycle. “Yeah. He ran a stop sign but doesn’t speak English. I tried ‘donde està el biblioteca’ but he’s playing dumb.”

“Como se llama?” I asked the kid.


“Donde vives?”

“Around the corner.”

I looked at the motor cop. “He speaks English—probably better than you.”

“He wouldn’t talk it for me.”

“Hey, kid—why you messing with the other cop?”

“Cuz he’s loco. He kept asking where the library is. It’s right behind him.”



Prompt: Tricky translations

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