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Grinches Aren’t Just for Christmas

Glenda didn’t answer the door on Halloween. She wasn’t a fan.

When the doorbell rang, she looked through the peephole and opened the door for an adorable dinosaur.

“Sorry. No candy.”

“That’s OK,” the little boy said sadly.

“Hang on.”

Glenda returned with ice cream and toppings.

“Nuts, whipped cream. Would you like a cherry?”

As the happy dinosaur left, Glenda said, “Don’t tell anybody, OK?”

Soon, there was a line of kids at “the ice cream house.”

Glenda, caught up in the moment, grabbed her scooper.

The next year, her porch sign read, “The I Scream Place.”

Glenda loved Halloween.

Prompt: This isn’t Halloween candy

Prompt contributed by Janalyn P.


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