Sept. 7, 2023 Post

Jumping right into today’s Story of the Week where the prompt comes to us courtesy of Doug Z. Thanks, Dr. Z

To Protect and Swerve

He was one of the most dangerous men in town — even when he wasn’t on duty driving a police car, hence the nickname: Captain Calamity.

The weird thing was, he didn’t have a malevolent bone in his body. He was just accident-prone. Once, he accidentally shot himself at the range. Another time, he lit a gas station on fire when he Tasered a suspect who collapsed in a puddle of gas. Finally, he shot an undercover cop during a raid.

Recognizing how dangerous he was, he quit. Today, he’s a circus performer juggling chainsaws — while unicycling. What could possibly go wrong?

Prompt: Law & Order

In other news.…right about the time this will be hitting your inbox, I’ll be doing a presentation for another Rotary club, this time in Santa Clara. Not one to rest on my laurels (or to namedrop), I’ll be signing babies and kissing books in lovely Sonoita, Arizona this Saturday when I make an appearance at the Second Saturday in Sonoita event at the Sunset Ride Tasting Room. Pretty sure it would be a hot one EVEN IF I wasn’t there. I’ll do my best to get some pics and have them right here in next week’s post…assuming I survive the high desert, that is.

That’ll do it for this week.

As always, thanks for listening.

Scotty out

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