Sept. 14, 2023 Post

After this week’s 101-word tale, I’ll update you on recent appearances in Santa Clara and Arizona (and next week’s venture to San Jose). But first…the Story of the Week (dedicated reader Rob C. provided the prompt).

Hay! There’s No Place Like Nome

Sherry and Terry were twins who decided to try separate vacations during spring break.

Sherry went to Nebraska, where her cousins promised her a fun hay ride with boys who liked to kiss. Sherry was ready.

Apparently allergic to hay, she repeatedly sneezed all over her date, Mortified, Sherry fled.

Terry visited her Alaskan cousins who took her on a sleigh ride, with boys who hugged her “to keep her warm.”

Unfortunately, Terry forgot her gloves and hat. Miserably frozen, she limped back to her cousins’ house.

Upon reuniting, the sisters shared their “awesome” trips—or so they told each other.

Prompt: Hayride

The Rotary Tour Lives On…

Last week’s traveling road show took me to a great Rotary club in Santa Clara, where I wowed the Rotarians with my magic story wheel and stories about competing against A.I. to write my latest book, FAST FICTION, Vol. 2: Man Vs. Machine.

Once again, I met a lot of really great people and they tossed me some excellent questions about my experience (writing and otherwise). I’ve included a few pics for visual evidence that I wasn’t hallucinating (at least not all of it).

After Santa Clara, I traveled south (way south), all the way to Sonoita, Arizona, where I set up shop at the Second Saturday in Sonoita event at The Coop, a fun event organized by Sunset Ride Vineyards.

If I had more space (and didn’t want to get PETA after me), I’d include a shot of a chicken-killing skunk that met its demise on my sister’s ranch. The shot shows me removing the deceased skunk and a half-eaten chicken with a shovel. I was using the shovel–the chicken wasn’t able to hold it at that point. Never mind. It’s a long story–certainly more that 101 words.

Moving on… Next week I’ll be in San Jose at another awesome Rotary gig. Stay tuned for more on that.

Finally, I’m going to include a link to last week’s blog. If you’re a subscriber, you had it conveniently delivered to your email inbox, but if you see these posts via a social media link (like on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn), I didn’t have time to create the links last week, so here it is. LINK

And that’ll do it for this week.

Thanks for listening!

Scotty out

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