May 11, 2023 Post

First Order of Business: Thanks!

A hearty thank you goes out to everyone who came out for the Good Old Days festival in Pacific Grove last weekend. It was great seeing so many people, having fun and spinning the magic story wheel so I knew which reading 101-word tale to read to them.

Here I am, (allegedly) working in our Central Coast Writers booth at the big event

And this would be me, clearly captivating the audience as I read a fabulous tale from FAST FICTION, vol. 1.

Speaking of 101-word stories, let’s jump right in with my Story of the Week…

Do You Really Expect Her to Answer That?

She was the county sheriff but as an elected official, she was, by necessity, a politician—albeit, a slimy one who never met a question she couldn’t dodge..

Local reporters, no match for the wily sheriff, were constantly thwarted when they confronted her with what they thought were “gotcha” questions. She’d fire back with retorts like, “Could you be any dumber?” or “Did you ride the little bus to school?”

After a reporter asked about her latest scandal, she countered with, “Where are they gonna find a better sheriff than me?”

“Anywhere,” was the reply after she lost the recall vote.

Prompt: Rhetorical

Coming Soon! Volume 2…

I’m putting the finishing touches on the sequel to FAST FICTION, Vol 1. This time it’s personal, as I go head-to-head against the evil artificial intelligence computer in a contest to see which one of us can write the best 101-word stories using the same prompts. It’s been an interesting experiment, and I’ll hopefully give you a more detailed progress update next week. In the meantime, here’s the current draft of my new cover. This isn’t exactly what it will look like, but it is very close.

Stay tuned for more, and as always, thanks for listening.

Scotty out

PS–Please do keep those prompts coming!


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