Last Week, This Week, Next Week (All in one post!) Nov 26, 2022

Last Week, This Week, Next Week (All in one post!)


Let’s start out with a brief recap of last week, featuring the fun book release party for FAST FICTION,hosted by the amazing Trish Sullivan of #DowntownBookandSound. Since the book officially hit the stores on Nov. 18th, we had a bash at the store that night. The magical story wheel made an appearance, stories were read, books were bought and signed, munchies and drinks were consumed, and friends were made. If I didn’t know better, I’d say a good time was had by all.

Next Stop on the Book Tour…

On Tuesday, Nov. 29, from 5-7 pm, we’ll be at Olivia & Daisy’s Book Boutique in beautiful Carmel Valley. Five talented writers (and me!) will be on hand for what sounds to me like a literary edition of speed dating (although the store owners prefer to call it their “Holiday Open House”). All I know is there will be six of us scattered around the shop, talking books and such. If this sounds like fun to you (and why wouldn’t it?), please swing by if you’ll be anywhere on the greater Monterey Peninsula. Rumor has it that the mighty story wheel will be making another appearance.

The Latest Press Coverage

The Monterey Herald gave us WAY more love than we expected last week. Even if it was a slow news day, they were very generous with the ink. See a link to the full story here

Story of the Week

Some Guys Are Hard to Bring Down

Wendell wheel-chaired into the rehab center’s rec room. The fit septuagenarian sported a fresh cast on his left leg.

“At least I’m working out my biceps,” Wendell told Ernesto, a fellow patient.

“If a drunk driver hit me, I’d be pissed,” Ernesto said.

“Hey, broken bones heal. Now the kids and grandkids come to visit every day. What’s to complain about?”

“What about the cracked ribs?”

“If I don’t sneeze, I’m great. Plus, no house or yard to maintain while I’m rehabbing. It’s like a vacation.”

“You gotta be the happiest guy here.”

“Life’s good, amigo. Who’s got it better?”

Prompt: Happy as a dog with two peters

If you’d like, please use the link below to rate the story. It’ll help me decide if it’s worthy of consideration for Vol. 2

Thanks for listening. Have a great week and time for me to get back to work. Feel free to keep those great prompts coming!

Scotty out

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