June 22, 2023 Post

BREAKING NEWS….But first, the Story of the Week

Almost Always a Sure Bette

Bette referred to herself as a “tough old broad,” and as head of the second biggest crime syndicate, few doubted her. Certainly not her adult children.

“How’d you get my favorite restaurant to open up on a Monday night? What do you guys want from me?” Bette said between slurps of chowder.

“You can’t sell the family business,” Phillip, the oldest, said. “It’d leave us with nothing.”

Bette’s eyes widened. She convulsed. Foam flowed from her mouth.


“You should’ve looked out for your kids,” Phillip said.

He stood. “Let’s go,” he told his sisters, as the nerve agent kicked in.

Prompt: Taking you out, Mom

Prompt courtesy of FAST FICTION fan -et


A hearty thank you to those of you who bought the .99 Kindle version of the new book, FAST FICTION, Vol. 2: Man Vs. Machine. We came tantalizing close to breaking the top 100 on Amazon’s list of General Humorous Fiction. Although we’ve now dropped out of contention for a Top 100, I still think there’s another chance to reach that bestseller status, so I’ll probably make another big push soon. When I do, I’ll let you know how you can help.

In the meantime, if you bought the book and haven’t written an Amazon review yet, I’d love it if you can visit the Amazon page and drop off a quick review. I’m not looking for much. A star review and a couple of lines is all it takes, and those reviews help other people figure out if the book is worth buying, and I think the reviews also boost our ratings. And…just to make it even easier for you, if you’ll click on the blue box I’ve conveniently included below, it’ll take you right to the exact place you need to go to post the review. Talk about customer service!

And for those of you hounding me about how to get a paperback copy of the new book (and yes–I’m talking to you, Max!), I was hoping to post a link here that would take you to my publisher’s website so you could get the book directly from the source, but…as we went to press, the publisher’s bookstore had not created the listing yet. I was told that it will be here today but since it hasn’t arrived, I can’t include the link. What I can give you is a link to the bookstore. This will take you to a search bar where you can type in FAST FICTION, Vol. 2: Man Vs. Machine (or even just the name Scotty Cornfield) and see if the new book is available for order. Click the underlined link here: Bookstore link

And for you Amazon die-hards, I’ve been told that the paperback will be available for order there (and on all the other major book retailers) on August 15th. I believe Amazon will be able to take pre-orders approximately three weeks before that. I’ll pass on more specifics when I get them.

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And that’ll do it for this week, kids!

Thanks again for listening. Keep those prompts coming!

Scotty out

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