July 6, 2023 Post

Here’s hoping everyone had a safe and (semi) sane 4th. And if not, just to keep the semi-sanity going, without further ado (or is it adieu? a dew? a don’t?)…

Time for the Story of the Week

Prompt graciously provided by SX Stabile.

They’re Not Always Cool Customers

Before the interrogation, detectives Hahn and Miller strategized.

“Dougie’s no master criminal, so why don’t we try the “Pants on Fire” routine?” Hahn asked.

“Works for me,” Miller shrugged. “I’ll grab the pants. You get the remote.”

As Dougie’s lies multiplied, Hahn discreetly hit the remote, activating the heater under Dougie’s seat. Soon, he was squirming.

That’s when Miller brought out the charred Levis.

“These belonged to the last liar,” Miller said. “He didn’t believe the Liar Liar theory either, until…poof.”

Dougie sprang to his feet. “I shot him, OK?”

Hahn killed the heat. Finally, Dougie was ready to talk.


Prompt: Pants on fire

In other book news…I’ll be popping in to the Rotary Club in Salinas tonight where I’ll be spinning the magic story wheel, reading stories and talking all things FAST FICTION. Should be a lot of fun, and if they don’t throw me out, maybe it’ll be the start of going on the road and doing the Rotary circuit. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. I might even sign and sell a few books. Speaking of…

I just noticed that Amazon is now taking pre-orders of the paperback version of Vol. 2, with an August 15 release date. So…if you wanna be one of the “cool kids” and earn bragging rights about how you’re already on Amazon’s waitlist to get Vol. 2, try clicking on the link below. If it works, we’ll both be surprised. Drop me a quick line and let me know that it did/did not work. Thanks!

Finally, we received a nice review from Midwest Book Reviews, The writer also releases her reviews a month early on Donovan’s Literary Services where we were gifted with the Pick of the Month award.Click here for the short version of her review and if you’d like to read her full review that will be in next month’s Midwest Book Reviews, Click here

Since I’m pretty sure we’ve exceeded the self-promotion quota, let’s close up shop for this week and get back to writing.

As always, thanks for listening.

Keep those great prompts a-comin’!

Scotty out

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