July 14, 2023 Story of the Week

If your Thursday seemed just a bit off yesterday, you have nobody but me to blame for it.

It’s true. I didn’t get the weekly blog post out since we were on a mini family vacation, and I can already hear your questions: What constitutes a “mini family?”  How small do they have to be to qualify? Where would such a family of mini’s go?

All great questions, but  since I operate in the limited world of 101-word tales, we’ll have to save those for another day. Instead, let’s jump right into to the (slightly delayed) Story of the Week (prompt supplied by Susan M).

          He’s Still Got It

The little superhero, deep in thought, sits at the breakfast table.

Time to save the world again, he thinks.

His mom’s voice interrupts the adventure. “Billy, finish your cereal or you’ll miss the bus.”

Twenty years later…

Alone in the employee break room, Billy, deep in thought, sips coffee.

The dealership’s in trouble, but if I break the record and sell ten cars today, we’re saved.

“Billy… Earth to Billy!. They need you on the showroom floor. Some kid just puked. Don’t get any on your new tie, Mr. Overdressed.”

Billy springs up and grabbed his janitor’s cart.

Back to work.

Prompt: Paracosm

Just in case you arrived late to the party…

Occasionally, I like to include a link to my blog where you can do a deep dive and see every Story of the Week I’ve posted. If you’re looking to go down that rabbit hole, here’s a shovel so you can start digging.

And since I’m serving up hot links today, here’s one that’ll take you to Amazon, where you can pre-order Volume 2 of FAST FICTION. It ships on August 15th!

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Thanks for listening,

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