Feb. 9, 2023 Post

This Week’s Tale

As I hinted in the email subject line, I’m sure it’s a completely fictional tale and not in any way based on any characters I may have worked with in my former life walking the mean streets…

Justice: Better Late Than Never

Erickson wasn’t the kind of cop you’d see on TV. Lazy would be an understatement. His aversion to work was remarkable; the man wasted irrational amounts of time and energy in comical attempts to get out of work.

If assigned to a call requiring a police report, Erickson typically spent an hour trying to talk the victim out of a report that would have taken ten minutes to write.

When retirement day finally arrived, he failed to convince a perplexed clerk that he didn’t need to complete the extensive retirement forms the city required.

Erickson would be around for another year.


Prompt: Ingenuity of complete fools
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Last call for this weekend’s B & N event

If there’s a better way to celebrate the day before the Superbowl, I sure can’t think of what it might be. Since we’re both stumped, why not hop in your jalopy and bebop over to Barnes & Noble in Gilroy this Saturday, Feb. 11th. I’ll be there from 11:00 a.m. to 5:30 (not a.m.). reading my lil’ tales, collecting prompts for future stories, spinning the story wheel and generally wreaking havoc. The store’s currently located at 6825 Camino Arroyo,Gilroy, CA. No telling where it’ll be when I get done with it.

Now you got something to do as you warm up for the big football game.

I’d say more but I got stories to write. Thanks for listening.
Scotty out.

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