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Story of the Week

Editor’s Note: If you’re on my elite team of readers who receive a story every day (well, almost every day), you’ve already seen an earlier version of this story. Sometimes, when I feel like I had a great story idea but failed to deliver the goods, I’ll take another swing at it. That’s what happened with this recent one. I owe a hearty shoutout to Wes Leslie, who was generous enough with his time to brainstorm with me on the earlier version. Even if you rated the earlier iteration, I’d love it if you’ll also take another look and let me know if the new version is any better (or worse–I don’t want to influence you in any way).


Maybe He Was the Third Twin

Twins Donny and Danny were famous for trying to outdo each other, with daredevil stunts that led to frequent wagering.

When Donny jumped his skateboard over three friends, Danny couldn’t resist the challenge to double it.

“Remember, students,” Principal Steiner said over the intercom, “gambling is prohibited on campus.” The always-competitive principal turned off the microphone and promptly bet twenty on Danny’s improbable jump.

After the grisly crash cost Danny a broken arm (and Principal Steiner twenty bucks), the principal stopped by to visit Danny’s hospital room.

“You’re pretty tough, kid. Though when I was your age, I broke both arms.”

Prompt: Double down (provided by Rob C)

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