FAST FICTION Release Party (Zoom-style) This Thurs. Night!

                   Finally Here!

To celebrate the arrival of FAST FICTION: 101 Stories of 101 Words Each, we’ll be celebrating with a Zoom release party this Thursday, October 6th at 7 p.m. PST. I’m pretty sure it’ll be the best Zoom book bash you’ll attend all day. We’ll give away some stuff, maybe read a story or two, throw out prompts I’ll use for inspiration in future 101-word tales, maybe even have a virtual flash mob on Amazon where we try to game the system and flood them with Kindle book orders at the outrageous price of .99 each.

Should be tons of fun and I’d love to see you on my computer screen. Here’s a link to the party:

P.S. If you’re planning on buying the Kindle version of the book, please DON’T–until tomorrow night. We’re going to all hit the “buy” button at the same time. If we do it right, Amazon will feel like they got a winner on their hands. After all, doesn’t Bezos need more money to keep those rockets afloat? I agree!


And just to keep the post from being 100% commercial, here’s yesterday’s 101-word tale.


                        Smitten With a Kitten

Just by being in the same room, siblings Tom, Dick, and Harriet were violating restraining orders, but none were willing to miss the reading of their father’s will.

All three submitted “revised” wills, cutting out the other two. Tom’s had an “X” for their father’s signature; Dick’s misspelled the signature; Harriet’s used a heart to dot the “i.”

“None of these are valid,” the attorney said, as Candy Kane, an exotic dancer, sashayed in.

“Candy has the latest will. Apparently her much-appreciated dance skills, are surpassed only by her calligraphy. The flawless signature means she gets everything.”

“Cool!” Candy beamed.



Prompt: Winter of our discontent

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