December 1, 2022 Post of the Week

Another Successful Night With Bookies (no–not that kind)

Tuesday night I had a lot of fun with several other authors at the Holiday Open House at Olivia & Daisy (a book boutique). We all had a little time to talk about our books and then sign and sell copies. Naturally, I brought out my patented (well–it should be) amazing story wheel. Guests came up to the table, spun the wheel and I’d read them a story that the wheel suggested. It was an excellent event that drew a whole lot of book fans and was great meeting everyone and sharing stories. I owe a special shout out of thanks to Jane and Marie for their excellent hospitality. If you’re ever in the Carmel Valley, you need to stop in and see their shop. It’s quite the treasure. Here are a few of shots from the event.

In the above photo, I’m demonstrating what a stack of my books looked like right before I sold them. The famous story wheel is in the foreground.

Here I’m locating the next story to read based on what the wheel suggested. Author Ann Shepphird looks on in amazement.

I clearly had no idea anyone was taking my picture, but I held this natural smile for about 10 minutes just in case anyone had a camera. Eventually, a team of surgeons were called in to remove my facial muscles.

A Little Ink From the San Jose Mercury

Mercury columnist Sal Pizarro gave Flash Fiction some love in last Sunday’s column. It was a great surprise (not just to me but also to some people I’ve heard from who had no idea I could write–or read! I’m on page two toward the end. Here’s a link to the story: Sal Pizarro’s column

And Now For The Story Of The Week

                   Riding the 22 and Trying Not to Think About Them

I used to see homeless vets on the street and figured they were all liars who never served. Now that I’m one of those guys, I know that’s not true.

We made jokes about them in basic training—long before reaching the sandbox. The day I felt my first explosion, everything changed. Those guys were real.

As I ride to my weekly appointment with Dr. Bob, I try not to think about those guys. Some days I manage better than others. I wish today was one of them. I’m determined to tell Doc nothing but good things.

Maybe he’ll believe me.

Prompt: Riding the 22 Express

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That’s it for this week. Thanks for listening and keep those prompts coming!

Scotty out

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