August 24, 2023 Post

Sunday Was a Fun Day

Hanging out at the Barnes & Noble in Gilroy last Sunday turned out to be a lot of fun. It’s always a good time meeting book lovers–even the ones who had enough self-restraint to not buy my book. Hard to believe those people exist, right? 🤪😎🤓

Aside from meeting some great readers, I also got to see a few of my old cronies from the days when we were all pounding the mean streets and doing our part to keep the city safe. Despite our best efforts, almost nobody ever stole the city. I’ll let you use your own detective skills to see if you can pick out the former cops in the photos below.


Story of the Week

Prompt provided by Jabot K.

   Turning Left Seemed So Right

Fresh out of the dryer, the pants had time to socialize.

“C’mon, Linda. Haven’t you ever thought about maybe trying a different path?” Dave asked.

“A different path? We’re zippers, Dave. Our only options are up or down.”

“Don’t tell me you’ve never been tempted.”

Linda cringed, “I thought about it, but.…”

“Well I’m a believer in free will. I’m going rogue.”

“Free will? If you get stuck, you’ll wind up in Goodwill—or gutted and replaced by Velcro.”

Dave smiled seductively. “We could be the Lewis & Clark of zippers.”

“This is a terrible idea,” she said. “When do we leave?”

Prompt: Zipper lost its way

Here’s Something I Stumbled Onto That Totally Threw Me

I know what you’re thinking–could be almost anything, right?

I was chatting with a local librarian about a presentation I’ll be making at the library and the librarian happened to mention that they had my first book in stock. Before he could get out the next sentence, I interrupted him because I was not aware of any library anywhere on the planet that had my book available for checkout. When I asked him how I would ever know if a library had my books, he told me about this website where you can find out if any library in the world has a specific book. I went to the site, looked up my first book, and guess what?  For whatever reason, Vol. 1 is actually in a handful of libraries in places like San Francisco, Santa Monica, Oregon, Illinois and–are you ready for this–Lancashire, England and Claremont, Australia. How random is that?

I think I’m actually going to reach out to the UK and Australia libraries to see if they’ll tell me how the heck they found my book and whatever possessed them to obtain copies. I may even let it slip out that I have a second volume available for their discerning, international palates.

I’m told that anyone with a library card can request that their local library try to get a copy of any book they’re interested in. I’m not sure what book you might feel like requesting, and I’m sure libraries won’t order every book requested, but…if you do happen to place a request for a book you think I might have somehow been involved in creating, please do let me know, and if the library actually gets a copy or two of my book(s), you’ll have even more of my admiration and respect (if that’s humanly possible).

OK, enough droning on for one day. As always, thanks for listening.

Scotty out

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