Aug 3, 2023 Post

This week, we send a shout-out to Fast Fiction Aficionado Peter L for his prompt. Thanks, Pete, for your continued support. This one’s for you.

The Neighborhood Unicorn

Marty Jo, or MJ, as the guys called her, could have been a model. All of the women instantly envied and hated her—and that was even before she started hanging around their husbands.

The men (and MJ) were watching football in the den. Pizza and beer cans everywhere.

“Killer tackle,” MJ said, belching like a foghorn.

The guys high-fived her. “You’re a god!” one said.

From the patio, the wives looked on in wonder.

“She keeps these guys entertained like a…man-sitter,” one wife marveled.

“And she’s totally harmless,” another added.

“She’s a god!” they said in unison.

Prompt: Sphinx

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Update from the Rotary book tour

The tour continues, with recent stops in Fremont, Hollister, and Salinas. Santa Clara and San Jose are currently the next two clubs I have on the calendar (both in September), but…if you know a Rotary–or some other group that you think would be wowed by me and my magic story wheel, please feel free to reach out to me and I’ll do the rest.

The top pic is from Salinas. The bottom one is from the Hollister roadshow. Salinas, Hollister, and Fremont (not pictured) were all great clubs. Thanks for having me!

Returning to the Scene of the Crime..

Mark your calendars for Sunday, August 20th, when I’ll be returning to the Gilroy Barnes & Noble for another book signing. Despite their better judgment (well, Barnes didn’t want me, but Noble was OK with me coming back), I’m going to be there from either 11-5:30 or 11:30-5 or some variation thereof. The point is, I will be there and so should you. It’ll be a good time–or your money back!


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