Aug. 17, 2023 Story of the Week

Happy Thursday. Let’s start off with a welcome shout-out to our newest followers, Karla F and Bruce M. Thanks for joining my world of all things story-related.

Speaking of…without further delay, here’s this week’s 101-word tale.

Live and Let Diet

If you think all professional assassins are cool, I get it. Movies make us look that way, but whenever some of us get together, I assure you, there isn’t a Brad Pitt or Chris Hemsworth among us.

At 5’ 6” and 295 pounds (when I’m fasting), one advantage I have is that I can saunter away after a hit and nobody gives me a second look.

Sure, if given the choice, I’d love to be James Bond instead of James Bon-Bon.

Come to think of it, now that body-shaming’s uncool — maybe Hollywood is ready for a character like me.

Prompt: Self-deprecating assassin

Heading to Barnes & Noble This Week

If you’ll be anywhere near Gilroy this weekend (and why wouldn’t you want to be?), I’ll be making another appearance at the Garlic capital’s biggest book store this Sunday, Aug. 20, from 11 a.m. to 5:30 pm.

Please do drop by to say hi, spin the magic story wheel and act as one of my shills. Participants must know how to shout (in a very convincing way), “Say, how many of these FAST FICTION copies can I buy?”

Finally…I was hyping the release of the paperback version of FAST FICTION, V. 2: Man Vs. Machine this week. Since I made the offer on all of my social media sites, it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t share it with you, my loyal peeps, so…here it is:

I’m giving away the Kindle version. Buy it on Amazon for .99, send me proof of purchase, along with your PayPal, Venmo or Zelle info and I’ll send you a buck. I’ll even throw in a bonus prize if you do a review later. To cash in on the deal, email me at Offer expires tonight (8/17) at midnight (PST).

No Kindle? Since I’m giving it away, even if you can’t read it on Kindle it still won’t cost you anything, so consider it your gift to the universe!

That’s it for the shameless plugs. Keep those prompts a-coming and I’ll do my best to keep writing these lil’ tales based on your inspirations. Oh yeah, almost forgot, thank you, Susan M for this week’s prompt. I’m pretty sure she’s sent me one or two other prompts I’ve used before.

Scotty out

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