April 20, 2023 Post

Story of the Week

It’s Hard to Say Goodbye—Really Hard

As she dumps me, she says she hopes it won’t be awkward if we bump into each other sometime, but what she doesn’t know is that “sometime” is nightly, and that my twelve hidden cameras and GPS trackers all over town are always hard at work.

I nod and say“I totally agree” when she gives me the same speech they all give. I zone out for a bit as I mentally go through a growing checklist of the surveillance devices I need to review tonight.

So many exes to monitor. I doubt any of them appreciate it.

It’s almost demoralizing.


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As promised, here’s info about upcoming appearances

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And that’s it for this week’s news. Next week I’ll have updates on the upcoming book, FAST FICTION, Vol. 2: MAN Vs. Machine.

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