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She’s Not Completely Lying


If you believed her, Chelsea’s life was always slightly better and more exciting than yours. Everything she shared with the book club was marginally inflated. Over time, the group learned to discount about 20 percent of whatever she said. If she graduated from college at 18, it was probably 20; when she said her mom went to college with Meryl Streep, they might’ve shared an alma mater, albeit several years apart.

As Chelsea walked up, the club’s newest member whispered, “Yesterday, she told me her brother is a hit man.”

The rest of the gang froze.

That part was totally true.

Prompt: Outer reality

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Coming Soon…

Next week I’ll tell you about what’s coming in volume two of FAST FICTION. I think it’s a fantastic idea, and I’m completely comfortable saying that since it isn’t anything I came up with (thank you, Clint Cornfield!). Stay tuned because it’s really motivating me to get this one out FAST (as in fiction)!

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