101-Word Story of the Week

Sherlock Bones

Luke, a playful Border Collie, was loved by the rancher’s kids who showered him with steak bones and chew toys.

As soon as he got a new bone or toy, Luke would sprint away, returning minutes later—minus the treat. One day, the curious kids watched Luke run behind the abandoned barn.  Once he was gone, they dug up the yard, collecting 27 of his hidden treasures. They were shocked with the level of his hoarding—even more so when they dug up fractured human skulls and other body parts.

Luke, it seemed, wasn’t the only one with a secret boneyard.

Prompt: Hoarding

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Barnes & Noble Appearance

Last Saturday’s appearance at B & N in Gilroy was a whole lot of fun. I mezmorized folks with the amazing story wheel, sold and signed a bunch of books, and collected some great prompts from shoppers that I’ll be using in future stories. Next on my to-do list is to see if I can finagle an invite out of some of the other B & N locations in San Jose and further up the peninsula. Stay tuned for progress updates.

Speaking of updates…this one’s a couple of months away, but for Independent Bookstore Day (Sat. 4/29), I know I’ll be in beautiful downtown Morgan Hill from 1-3 at Booksmart. I’m still working on trying to squeeze in another appearance or two. I will definitely keep you posted.

That’s it for this edition. As always, thanks for listening.

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