Oct. 19, 2023 Post

Two quick items before we get to the Story of the Week (and thanks to Dale Morgan for supplying the prompt).

First, I’ll be making a guest appearance at the Monterey Library tomorrow night at 5 pm and I think it’ll be a lot of fun because I’m going to put a bit of a different spin on it. Besides doing the usual dog and pony show, it’ll be more like a cat and quarter-horse event (or something like that). Since my latest book was a battle pitting me against artificial intelligence to see which of us could write the better stories using the same prompts, I’m going to focus my talk on AI and my experience working with ChatGPT (and maybe Google Bard as well).

If you’d like more info on the free event, here’s the LINK.

In semi-related news, congratulations to one of my newest readers (and fellow member of the Central Coast Writers Club) Mac McKenzie. Mac won a copy of my book this week at our club meeting and then he won $2,500 in the lottery. You’d think he’d be thrilled, but after winning my book, he said the whole lottery thing was pretty anticlimactic.

OK, I may have made up the lottery bit but you gotta admit–I had you going for a second, right?

And now on to this week’s 101-word adventure.

Groan Men Fighting

Viewers around the world watched the championship wrestling match (which was definitely not fake), as Willie Pinmee took on Dr. DeKay.

Pinmee made a fist. “ Brace yourself, Doc, I’m gonna drill you.”

“You wish,” DeKay said. “I’m winning the crown, you get the plaque.”

Pinmee chuckled. “They’re only saying you’ll win because you can’t handle the tooth.”

Watching the match from a distant planet, Zorg said, “Cancel the attack. With those puns, there’s no intelligent life there.”

“Too bad,” Trax replied. “I was looking forward to the cavity searches.”

Zorg cringed. “I’d zap you but I don’t wanna hurt your fillings.”

Prompt: Pun Wars

Hey–don’t blame me. I just write these things. If you want to throw some shade, go after the anonymous person who suggested the prompt. Right, Dale?

Have a great weekend, kids!

Scotty out

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