Oct. 13, 2023 Post

Since today is one of those spooky days, I probably should’ve gone to a dark and creepy place, but it just wasn’t happening. In this case, I was using another Susan Meyer prompt (climax), and, for whatever reason, I had tried it out on two or three walks with Scooter (my pandemic puppy), but I just wasn’t happy with any of my brainstorming sessions. I finally forced myself to go in a completely different direction; this time, I embraced the silly. I had fun with it and hope you will as well, but even if you don’t, I always love getting your ratings and feedback, so please do send along your thoughts. They’re an important part of my quest to become a better writer. Remember, also, that any comments you make are anonymous, so if you ask me a question or just want me to know who you are, you need to include your name, and initials or give me some kind of clue.

Enough rambling. Here’s this week’s 101-word tale.


Separation Anxiety? Not Yet

It finally happened: A ceremony for kids who flunked junior high. Educators called it a “Deferred Success Celebration,” while participants went with “Flunkuation.”

Besides being the class valedictorian–again, Albert (ironically named, no doubt), also received the “Least likely to get a brain tumor” award.

“They called my sister’s graduation the apex of junior high. I don’t want to brag or anything, but this is my multiplex. Some kids tease me and call me names like Einstein, but the joke’s on them because next year I’ll be old enough to drive to school!”

“That a boy, Albert!” his moronic parents beamed.


Prompt: climax



Upcoming Gigs

Tuesday Oct. 17th, 5:30-7:30 pm

I’ll be at the Central Coast Writers Club. It’s our annual Booktoberfest event where club members who have published new works over the past year or so, get some podium time to share samples of their work with the club and to sell books after the meeting. We welcome guests, so if you find yourself in

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Pacific Grove and are looking for a free event to attend, we’ll be at the Center for Spiritual Awakening, 522 Central Ave. Don’t let the name scare you–we almost never brainwash attendees.

Friday Oct. 20th 5:00-6:00 pm

Look for me at the Monterey Library, 625 Pacific St. I’ll be giving a presentation on FAST FICTION, Vol. 2: Man vs. Machine and my experience working with ChatGPT (one of the artificial intelligence platforms). I also plan to spend some time chatting about writing flash fiction (that’s the official name for these little stories I write). It should be a good time and you can be sure that my magic story wheel will make an appearance. It’s a free event but advance registration is required. I posted a link last week or you can go to the library website to find it.

That’ll do it for this week. Thanks for listening.

Scotty out



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