May 30, 2024 Post

Hey, Kids,

Happy Thursday (or even Friday for my readers in Tasmania).

A quick shout out of thanks to those of you (and there were many) who weighed in and unanimously liked the idea of my including the previously published story that led to each week’s prequel or sequel. I will absolutely do that moving forward. Now the only question is where to put the original story: Below the new one? Above it? Or maybe its location should be based on the new one. For instance, if the new one is a sequel, maybe I post the original first, with the sequel below it, but if the new story is a prequel, it gets top billing. Feel free to let me know your thoughts in the Google scoring form—or email me.

Now on to the Story of the Week.

Here’s the original, followed by the new one.

    No Right Answer

Inside the airport’s international terminal, the customs inspector scanned the nervous passenger’s declaration.

“Doesn’t look like you claimed that brand new Rolex you’re wearing,” the inspector noted.

“Oh, uh, I got that before the trip,” Melvin stuttered.

“If I find the receipt on you, you’ll pay triple the duty. On a $10,000 watch, that’s gonna be pricy.”

“It’s fake,” Melvin said. “Total knock-off. I paid fifty for it.”

The inspector smiled. “I appreciate your honesty. And here I thought you were trying to smuggle an expensive watch.”

Melvin relaxed.

“Instead you’re just a counterfeiter and trademark violator. Nice work, pal.”

Prompt: Fake Gucci

Here’s the sequel…

The Man’s Got Baggage

Melvin sweated, studying the windowless room at JFK, where he feared a Customs strip search loomed.

“I been doing this a while,” Ike, the inspector said. “Finding that fake Rolex told me two things: You buy cheap shit, and you’re no criminal mastermind. You’ll pay a quick fine and be released.”

Melvin exhaled.

Once every item in his cheap suitcase was emptied, Ike shrugged. “OK, put it all back.”

As an afterthought, he felt the inside of the suitcase, and used his other hand to feel the outside. It was smuggler thick.

“Melvin,” Ike said, impressed. “Something you wanna tell me?”

Based on: No Right Answer v1 p25

And that’ll do it for another week. I’m hoping to have an update next week on my novel. Stay tuned!

Scotty out

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