May 23, 2024 Post

Another week, another quick 101-word adventure.

I hope you’re not reading this first thing in the morning, because I don’t want to be responsible for your day peaking right after you read the Story of the Week. Maybe you need to parse the highlights of your day out a bit. I’m not sure what the answer is…maybe divide it up and read the first 33 words in the morning, the next 33 at lunch, and end the day with a bang as you speed through the final 34 words. Just a thought. You do you, Boo.

Let’s get into it with a sequel, but…if you want to read the original story that led to this, skip down to the bottom and read it first. We’ll wait for you…

        Psychics and Skeptics

“I do,” Madame Zelda, professional psychic, told the cops.

“Do what?” Detective Bachman asked. “We haven’t asked anything.”

“Understand my rights you were gonna read.”

Detective Estero rolled his eyes.

Throughout the interrogation, Zelda answered questions—in advance.

After taking a break, Bachman returned, munching a sandwich.

“Don’t eat that,” Zelda said.

Estero smirked. “So now she’s a nutritionist.”

“The bologna’s bad,” Zelda warned.

Bachman dropped the sandwich.

“You believe her?” Estero asked.


Bachman turned away and whispered into his cellphone.

“Throw out the bologna, hon. I just heard the FDA recalled it.”

Zelda grinned. I totally own these buffoons.

Here’s the original story that led to this week’s sequel:

She Should’ve Invested in a Security Camera

Gene’s so far above me intellectually that I’ll never understand how we’re best friends. He has degrees in things I’ve never heard of, yet here we are, on another of his incongruous adventures.

We’re inside one of those sketchy psychic houses. You know the ones—they look like franchises, and Madame Zelda is bestowing Gene with all kinds of vague truths about him, while he (an actual Mensa member!) is eating it up.

The door bursts open and three investigators in bright windbreakers labeled “police”enter, yelling “search warrant!”

We’re all thinking the same thing: the psychic didn’t see this coming?

Prompt: Unpredictable

Before I go, one quick favor to ask. When you review the Story of the Week, in the comments section, besides any notes you have regarding the story, if you don’t mind, please let me know if you would like me to always include the original story that the current sequel or prequel was based on (like I did today). Just a simple “Yes, please include the original story” or “no thanks—I’m still in recovery from the original one,” will let me know how to handle future posts.

As always, thanks for reading.

Scotty out

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