May 16, 2024 Post

Another week, another quick 101-word adventure.

But…before we get to it, just a couple of quick notes.

First, on the novel front, I heard from my developmental editor. When I hired her, she said she’d reach out when she hit the halfway point of my manuscript just to let me know where she was and when she expected to finish. She said she survived the first half (probably getting lots of deep sleep in the process) and expects to be done by the end of the month. Awesome! Will I keep you in the loop after I get her report back? C’mon. You know me better than that by now, right?
Stay tuned as the journey continues.

Turning to the world of FAST FICTION, Vol. 3: Sequels and Prequels…Here are a couple of observations I’ve made while writing these stories. Since they’re all based on stories from my other books, the process is causing me to go back and read the other stories. I’m quite familiar with some of them since I read them at appearances, but there are a lot of others I haven’t seen in quite a while.

In some cases, as I re-read them, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by stories I’d forgotten. In other cases, while I may have liked the stories, I’m finding things I would definitely do differently now. Typically, I’m discovering simple, but powerful improvements that I can only attribute to the experience that has come from writing almost 600 of these stories. I wish I could go back and make some of these incremental improvements that clearly enhance the storytelling and might eliminate some of the confusion or ambiguities that I see in my earlier work. Since the books are all print on demand, and the eBooks are digital, technically I do have the ability to make the changes, but financially it’s not really a great use of my resources. Oh well…for better or worse, the works are out there.

But enough about my regrets. Let’s get to the reason you’re here—the Story of the Week.

Happiness is an Appreciative BossI’m still dragging after yesterday’s 16-hour shift. Just another day in Narcotics.

We worked a grueling surveillance, and when we complained, Stag, our predictable sergeant, sent us out to take down another dope dealer.

After returning to the station, Stag said, “You guys worked your asses off today. Now you deserve—”

“A couple of cold ones at McMahon’s?” I asked.


“Awesome. Thanks, Boss.”

“Actually, what I was gonna say was, ‘A sergeant who appreciates you and treats you right.’

He paused. “Good luck finding that. Later, suckers.”

Stag slammed the door behind him.

Can’t say I saw that one coming.


Sequel to: I Know What You’re Thinking (Vol. 1, p. 5)

As always, thanks for listening.

Scotty out

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