March 21, 2024 Post

Still moving forward on the novel. This week’s activities: I think I managed to fix the major story problems I had previously noted. In some cases, it involved changing the order of scenes or combining two scenes in different places that were basic duplicates. I fixed an issue where a character’s last name changed inexplicably. I also addressed all clean-up notes I spotted during the “pleasure read” when I was using my Kindle to read the book. They were mostly minor spelling and grammar fixes. I won’t bore you by explaining the process of trying to match up Kindle and manuscript pages, but it took some figuring out.

In more exciting news, I’m also intensifying my search for a developmental editor. Initially, I thought I should wait until I have everything ready to go, but I’ve since learned that these people—at least the good ones—are very busy. Although you and I know they should be sitting by the computer just waiting for me to reach out to them, being misguided editors, many have taken on other clients. They may want me to wait for them. Can you believe it? In the meantime, my spreadsheet of possible suspects—I mean developmental editors—is growing. Thank you to my friends and followers who have sent me leads. I’m still compiling my list before I begin the serious vetting process, so feel free to send candidates my way.

Without further detours, I humbly present the Story of the Week. The prompt was generously supplied by et (Witness Protection issues require abbreviations only–and lower case ones at that).

They’ve Had Better Weeks

After a horrendous week, Maggie met her bestie for drinks.

“Somebody hit my car…I’m getting furloughed.…”

“Sounds awful,” Juliana said.

“But… my brilliant son’s home from Harvard for spring break.”

Juliana raised a glass. “Finally, a win.”

“Not quite. He lost his wallet, then a hooker stole his car. I don’t get it. My other kid still eats paste like he’s in kindergarten, bless his heart— but he’s typically maintenance-free.”

Juliana laughed. “So the ‘challenged one’ causes fewer problems than Harvard boy.”

“Not this time. The under-achiever hired the hooker who ripped off the brainiac. Let’s hope neither kid reproduces.”

Prompt: Hell week

That’ll do it for this week.

As always, thanks for listening.

Scotty out

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