December 28, 2023

Sadly, this will be my last blog post… of 2023. How that for click bait?

As I wrap up another year, I have to say it feels like I’m going out with a bang–at least on the writing front. All three of my 101-word entries in the Monterey County Weekly contest were published as honorable mentions, so that was fun. On the novel front (something that was not even on my radar last year at this time), today I completed page 364 of my first draft, or 98,082 words. I think that work out to something like 980 of my 101-word stories. If so, I can just chop the draft up into 101-word chunks and I can probably publish several more volumes of Fast Fiction, right?

I really thought I’d have the first draft completed by the end of this month, and while this is still possible, I’m not sure it’ll happen. I am definitely ramping up to a big finish and the end is clearly in sight, but my earlier estimate of 100,000 words may be a bit off. Hey–this is all completely new territory for me so I’m pretty much just winging it here as I go. Hopefully, by next week I’ll be able to report in that I wrote “The End,” or “Fade to Black,” or whatever it is that real novelists write when they get a draft finished.

And now on to the Story of the Week… (prompt courtesy of Susan Meyer)

Golf Shouldn’t Be This Fun

The company golf tournament was the one day of the year when otherwise sane employees went completely nuts, fueled by alcohol and some less-than-legal substances.

“We get Baxter.”

“No, he’s ours—you got him last year.”

“What’s the deal with Baxter?” an intern asked.

“Just that he’s the greatest of all time!”

“How so?”

“Just watch.”

Baxter ripped off his shirt and gyrated like Elvis.

“Baxter! Baxter!” The crowd cheered wildly.

He teed off. The club flew out of his hands and shattered a clubhouse window. Golfers dove for cover.

The crowd high-fived and shot-gunned beers.

Baxter was just getting started.

Prompt: Golf with GOATS

That’ll do it for 2023. As always, thanks for listening, and more importantly, thanks for coming along on this journey with me. Here’s hoping 2024 is a happy, healthy, prosperous, and above all else saner (is that a word?) year than this one was.

Scotty out

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