Projects (films/scripts, links to films, scripts or loglines). My first feature film — (in association with Phase 4 Films, LLC) is an anthology called San Francisco Stories. I teamed up with four other San Francisco-based filmmakers to create five short films with characters who cross over between stories. After a brief four-year journey, we are releasing the film into the world–finally!

We shared the film at a few domestic and foreign festivals and are actively working to bring it very soon to a platform near you. Watch for updates here.

I also have two other feature film spec scripts and a one-hour pilot in ongoing rewrite stages.
Care to see samples of produced material? Here are links to shorts and the documentary.
Plight of the Windie: Birds of Mystery
Children of Alcatraz. Her It Go Away Day on a Platter, NOLA It Is Made: Toast of the Windie: Birds of Mystery
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