Welcome to my world…I’m a writer. I also direct — sometimes simultaneously. (Note: I’m not even sure that’s possible).

My brand: I tap into thirty years of homicide and undercover experiences to tell stories about people with secrets. If that sounds grim, well…it can be, but working in the world I inhabited can take a psychological toll if you don’t find a way to find the funny in the fatal business we call Homicide.

Even when I’m not writing about my former life of crime-fighting, I’m often mining for comedy. I’ve written, produced and directed an abundance (I was gonna say “plethora” but I can’t even spell it) of short films including some award-winners. I co-wrote/produced the documentary “Children of Alcatraz” (insert shameless plug here about film being available on Amazon). I’ve written features, pilots, one-act plays, commercials, PSAs and in-house news magazine shows.

I’m a graduate of the UCLA Professional Screenwriting program as well as the Master Screenwriter Certificate program and Pro Series of Screenwriting U.